Safe Church Policy for Children and Youth

By God’s grace and with your cooperation, we can ensure that St. Michael’s is a place where all childrenare safe and welcome. The following is a summarySt. Michael’s Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth.

  1. No one under the age of 18 is to be anywhere on church property without adequate adultsupervision.Children and youth are to be in the designated space for their activity at all times:classrooms for Sunday School/Youth Group, the Church for worship, the Angel Room for choir rehearsal,Reception Room for Pasta Dinner or Hospitality hour, etc.
  2. Each Sunday school class, youth group and choir rehearsal must have two or more Safe Churchtrained adults with the children at all times.
  3. Children in 5th grade and younger must remain in the company of theirparents, with an adultcompanion designated by their parents, or with two or more adults authorized by St.Michael’s at alltimes—including during hospitality hour and on the playground.
  4. Children in 5th grade and younger must be accompanied to communalbathrooms by a parent orguardian or other adult designated by the parent or guardian. Volunteers and staff should never bealone with a child in a bathroom (or bathroom stall) with the door closed.
  5. On Sundays, children pre-K through grade 5 meet theirteachers by the Chapel during the final hymnand go directly to their classrooms. Children who are late must be accompanied by their parent to theclassroom.
  6. Parents must pick up their children from Sunday school from their classrooms; Sunday school classesend at 12:15 pm. Parents must pick up their children from youth choir from the Gray Lounge; Cherubchoir ends at 4:15 pm, Angel Choir ends at 5:00 pm and St. Cecilia Choir ends at 6:00 pm onWednesdays. Youth may only leave the church on their own with written permission from their parents.
  7. A parent or adult designated by the child’s parents must remain on the church property duringSunday school, youth choir or other children’s activities.
  8. Parents must provide specific written permission for their children to leave the property with anyother adult than themselves and provide this information in each child’s registration form or give adated note to the child’s teacher or choir director.
  9. In all activities, we treat each other with respect andgentleness—without hitting, bullying or teasing.We show respect for the buildings and gardens and those who work to maintain them. Our onlinebehavior reflects the same values.
  10. Any concerns should be reported to a member of the Clergy or to the Wardens. Thank you for yourcooperation in making St. Michael’s a safe place!

The Rev. Katharine Flexer, Rector
212-222-2700, x11