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Lent 2021 at St. Michael’s

For many it feels like last year’s Lent never ended, that we’re still looking with expectation toward some future promise of return, renewal, reunion. But believe it or not, the 2021 Lenten season is now upon us, and although we’ll be apart, there will be more opportunities than ever for us to gather as a community, as a family, in this solemn yet hopeful season. From Shrove Tuesday festivities and “Ashless” Wednesday observances, to weekly forums, daily reflections, and a special Lenten Quiet Day, join with your St. Michael’s family as we undertake this spiritual journey together.

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Weekly Online Worship Schedule

In-Person worship is currently suspended at St. Michael’s, as of Nov. 24, 2020. We look forward to opening our doors again soon. Services continue online throughout the week, and the sanctuary is open at select hours. Details are below.


Morning Service: 7:45 pm (Starting on Feb. 21)

Holy Eucharist: 10:00 am


Morning Prayer: 7:45 am

Noonday Prayer: 12:00 pm

Compline/Night Prayers: 8:30 pm


Morning Prayer: 9:00 am

Zoom links for all services available here.

The Church is currently open for prayer and reflection from 11:00 am-2:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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