Connect and Grow

Exploring our Faith Collectively and Individually

Adult Formation at St. Michael’s

Despite the challenges we face in this time, there are plenty of opportunities to connect, explore our faith, and deepen our community. The St. Michael’s family is alive online: we meet in weekly small groups, gather for special seasonal events, walk the path of Sacred Ground, and pursue training and education of all kinds.

Upcoming Events

2022 Jean Chambers Memorial Organ Concert

We’re excited to present this year’s Jean Chambers Memorial Organ Concert on Sunday, May 29th at 7 p.m. featuring critically-acclaimed organist Justin Bischof. Justin will present works by J.S. Bach as well as inventive improvisations. Admission is $20 at the door. Come enjoy this St. Michael’s tradition, and bring a friend!

The Sabbath Challenge

Are you stressed, overworked, and overscheduled? Have we got a treat for you! We are teaming up this Eastertide with our Jewish neighbors at Ansche Chesed for a Sabbath Challenge: 7 weeks of learning and practice on how to build in Sabbath to your life. This is a chance for families and singles alike, to find ways to stop, rest, and delight in God and one another. We’ll start with an interfaith gathering on Saturday, April 23rd at 12:30 p.m., and conclude with another one Sunday, June 5th at 12:30 p.m. – and meet along the way for check-in and support as we each try to keep Sabbath in our own lives.
For more information, contact Mother Kate at; to sign up, use this form.

Ongoing Programs

St. Michael’s Small Groups

Feed your mind, heart, body and soul this spring in a small group at St. Michael’s! We’re offering a bunch of different ways to tend and cultivate our faith and community. Groups start meeting in early May and will continue through the week of June 5th.

Racial Justice Book Groups
The Reparations Committee has selected two different books to help us on our continued path toward reparations: Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson, and The 1619 Project, by Nikole Hannah-Jones. You are invited to join a book group this Spring, reading one of these books in community with others at St. Michael’s.

The 1619 Project will meet on Monday evenings from 7 – 8 p.m., beginning May 9th, facilitated by Jeannie Terepka.
Caste will meet on Thursday evenings from 7 – 8 p.m., beginning May 12th, facilitated by Carole O’Connor-Edwards and Nicole Thomas.
Book groups will meet once a week on Zoom for 5 weeks, starting the week of May 8th and concluding the week of June 5. You can purchase these books directly from the publisher, or buy them on Amazon.
Meets online.
To sign up, use this form.

Dancing with God
Did you know that ballet has roots in Christian formation? Continue in that tradition by exploring faith through dance with Mo. Julie. Each week will have themed readings from Scripture and Christian theology, which we’ll explore through dance and written reflection. No prior dance experience necessary!
Meets online, Sundays at 2:30 p.m., for five weeks starting May 8th
Sign up here.
Even Silence Is Praise
Author and St. Michael’s parishioner Rick Hamlin will lead a group through the book he recently wrote on contemplation and spiritual direction, Even Silence is Praise: Quiet Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul with Christian Meditation.
Meets online, Tuesdays at  7 p.m., for six weeks starting May 2nd
To sign up, use this form.
Walking Groups
There is an Orthodox monastic tradition of a “holy walk,” stemming from the conversations monks would have as they walked through the campus together. On these St. Michael’s “holy walks,” you’ll walk and talk through topics for conversation each week that will enrich your relationships both with God and with the St. Michael’s community.

Walking groups will meet for an hour, with 2 different options throughout the week:

On Wednesdays, we’ll begin at the noon Eucharist (a simple half-hour mid-week service), then take a walk for 30 minutes as we chew on that day’s gospel reading and sermon topic.

On Sundays, we’ll meet from 1:00-2:00pm, beginning in the garden at St. Michael’s, then head toward Central Park. Conversation prompts will vary each week.

Meets in person for five weeks starting the week of May 8th

To sign up, use this form.

Our Relationship With God

Spiritual growth is one of our Core Values. We believe the whole of one’s life is a unique spiritual journey, continually shaping who we are as individuals and as a community of faith. Working on our inner life of faith is a necessary practice to keep it healthy and growing.We welcome you to explore your faith on a deeper level in the following ways


  • Sunday Forums
  • EfM (Education for Ministry)
  • COHI (Community of Hope International)
  • Racial Justice Dialogue Group
  • Moms Bible study
  • Young Adult Network
  • Common Table Theology


  • Lent/Advent Quiet Days
  • Retreats
  • Ignatian Spirituality group
  • Celtic Spirituality group
  • Faith & Film Nights


  • Inquirers
  • Newcomers Class

Connecting With Each Other

Oftentimes, you will hear members of St. Michael’s referring to our community as a parish family. In fact, one of the most popular monthly activities is our Family Dinner nights. We also have small groups that meet informally, such as the Men of St. Mike’s; Motherhood of Grace; Parents of Adolescents Support Group; Young Adult Group; Knitting Group; Family Camp and Hiking outings. Supportive and caring small groups in a large Church setting enable us to minister to each other.

Connecting to Our Community

We are a faith community that supports each other and our community in multiple ways. Whether it is helping the jobless through CareerSearchers; mentoring our parish and neighborhood children on Monday evenings during Homework Help; or providing food and meals to those who struggle with food insecurity, service to others is part of our Core Values.