Dear People of St. Michael’s,

Our pledge drive this year is wonderfully titled, “Let Our Light Shine.” And we have so much light to share, in these uncertain times.

Aren’t you tired of hearing that phrase, “in these uncertain times?” And yet the times continue to be uncertain. The last several months of pandemic and upheaval have been a time of such darkness for so many, a true valley for much of our city and nation. Fear and uncertainty have plagued us. Yet as Christians, as people of St. Michael’s, we have so much to be joyful about. We have loved each other and our neighbors well through this time. And we have so much more love to give. Through all the uncertainty, we give thanks for the light that shines at St. Michael’s, and in each one of us. And each one of us is called to add our little light in, that our world might see its way through this present darkness.

My own family has increased its giving to various needs over these last few months. People and institutions that we care about have faced new challenges and we wanted to help. Meanwhile, the shutdown meant that some of our usual family expenses were not options this year (such as travel to see West Coast grandparents). The family budget is all different now. And our beloved St. Michael’s also has had changes and challenges to its budget, with some sources of revenue decreasing, some expenses cut, while other new expenses have added on. So although the times do look uncertain, our family is pleased to increase our giving to St. Michael’s for this coming year.

This is a different calculation for every one of us. I know that some of you are facing increasing financial insecurity these days. Others of you find yourself holding steady, perhaps even doing better in the strange economy we live in. Regardless, I ask you over the next few weeks to consider what you can give this next year. We all have light and love to share, and so many need to find their way home. Let’s put it all together to brighten and warm the world.

Thank you for what you give, in all the ways you give it!


The Rev. Katharine Flexer, Rector