Dear St. Michael’s family,

The Stewardship Committee prays that you and your loved ones have been as well and active as possible in during these incredibly challenging months. Beyond the threat of Covid-19 itself, many of us have had to deal with other difficulties – job loss, financial insecurity, health, social isolation and the ongoing agony of racial injustice.

We hope that St. Michael’s has helped sustain and inspire you, wherever you have been. Since March, St. Michael’s has offered virtual services, Bible studies, race and faith conversations, healing prayer and more. We were able to quickly shift how to deliver our ministry and do so with little interruption. Throughout the pandemic we continued to sustain Saturday Kitchen, employ clergy and staff, and improve our buildings. And we have significantly expanded our virtual ministry as well, at some expense.

It is during these crises in which our neighborhood, city and world need the love of Jesus Christ and inclusive communities like St. Michael’s the most. We ask you to support our 2021 pledge drive, called “Let Our Light Shine.” The campaign continues through November 22.

By pledging now, you will help St. Michael’s to more clearly define its 2021 plans and continue its mission. We know the coming months may be uncertain; if your situation changes you can adjust your pledge later. If your family’s financial situation has improved or been relatively unaffected, please think about increasing your 2021 pledge. Please review the enclosed material and prayerfully consider your commitment.

In Christ,

Kyle Okimoto
Chair, Stewardship Committee