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Renovations Project Update: News about our “Big Dig”

By May 3, 2022May 5th, 2022No Comments

PART OF OUR renovation plan involves replacing some critical infrastructure, like the storm and sewage pipes in the basement of the sanctuary. Although not the most exciting part of the plan, this work is quite important.

These pipes handle storm runoff and prevent disastrous floods. But after 120 years, they were badly corroded, getting clogged, and even collapsing. We’ve been lucky to escape catastrophe.

Now, just about every horizontal and underfloor pipe has been replaced with new, high-grade pipe. We have also increased pipe diameters in many spots to handle the prospect of heavier rainfalls related to climate change. In addition, we’re repairing our storm drainage lines, which is why you’ll see scaffolding in the sanctuary in the coming weeks.

When the job is done, we’ll be ready for the next 100 years. A big thank you to Galina, Raj and our friends at Richard McElhiney Architects for managing this unglamorous but essential part of our project.

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