Renovations Project

We’re building a more welcoming St. Michael’s

In 2022, St. Michael’s is undertaking our largest building renovation in over a century. In keeping with our Core Values of Community, Stewardship and Diversity, we’re making our church buildings more welcoming and accessible as we enter our third century. As Mother Kate has said, “Our buildings are NOT our mission, but they house and enable our mission.”

As part of this mission of accessibility and welcome, the Renovations Project includes:
  • A ramp into the church at the Amsterdam Avenue door.
  • A ramp in the garden that leads to an elevator in the parish house.
  • A more welcoming connection between the sanctuary and parish house.
  • A new bridge between the choir room and organ loft, to replace the dangerous one we have now.
  • New first-floor restrooms!
The Renovations Project will also address our century-old buildings’ pipes, electrical system, walls and windows. We’ll be updating all of the critical infrastructure of our buildings before they deteriorate further or result in floods or emergencies.
May 3, 2022 in Renovations

Renovations Project Update: News about our “Big Dig”

PART OF OUR renovation plan involves replacing some critical infrastructure, like the storm and sewage pipes in the basement of the sanctuary. Although not the most exciting part of the…
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December 3, 2021 in Renovations

Renovations Project Update: Sunday Forum

In December, we held a Sunday Forum about the Renovations Project. If you missed it, you can watch it here.
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In December, we held a Sunday Forum about the Renovations Project. If you missed it, you can watch it here:

Renovations Presentation (December 5th, 2021)

Gallery of Architect’s Renderings

We’re updating the critical infrastructure of St. Michael’s church buildings, including the pipes, electrical system and windows. We’re also adding an elevator to the Parish House.

A new ramp will lead through the garden to the elevator on the lower level. A glass awning over the lower entrance will make for a better-lit and more welcoming space.

A new door from the church will lead straight into the Parish House, and the space between the two buildings will become an atrium. A new bridge will connect the choir room directly to the organ loft, replacing the creaky bridge and steps.

We’re installing an ADA-compliant ramp in the loggia on Amsterdam Avenue, replacing the current steep ramp and rendering the church fully accessible to all.