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Renovations Project Update: We have our “GC” on board

By June 5, 2022No Comments

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT decisions we need to make for our renovations project is the selection of our general contractor, or GC. This is the company that will manage the overall process of demolition and construction. The GC hires all the specialized subcontractors, works out the scheduling, coordinates the project, minds the budget, and ensures quality.

It needs to be a good fit with a reliable company.

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded the GC contract to Cypress Restoration. They were vetted by our architect, Richard McElhiney Architects, and our GC selection committee feels confident in the choice.

Cypress specializes in general contracting, restoration, masonry, stone installation and fabrication and green building. A family business, they have demonstrated high-quality results and offer the experience, skill, and resources to complete large complex projects.

We hope to have the contract completed very soon so that project can get underway in June. You may not immediately notice the activity, but things will quickly be buzzing away.

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