Jesus said, ‘I am the bread of life. They who come to me shall not hunger.’

Dear People of St Michael’s,

Our church is a place of feeding and nourishment, with food for the body and food for the soul in most everything we do. We see Jesus’ words of invitation above spelled out on the wall as we come forward for communion. We love singing what some people call the St Michael’s hymn, ‘I am the bread of life.’ We are
hungry people, and we share the bread of life with all who come in our doors.

For all those reasons, ‘Bread of Life’ is the theme this year for our pledge drive. We come to church because we need the bread of life. And we know that it takes some ‘dough’ to provide all the ministries and programs that feed us so richly!

Jim and I have been talking through our money recently. We’ve found this year that with our parents and children getting older, spending has mysteriously increased. More food, more flights, more activities are exacting a toll. So although we want to increase our giving to the church each year, this year we only feel able to make a very modest increase of $10 a month, to $970 a month. In 2018 we will have made about $158,000, so with around $3000 going to various non-profits, academic institutions, and other charities we support, we’re close to 9.3% of our gross income. Sometimes, on our scarcity days, that makes us anxious. Do we have enough? Will we have enough? What about all the stuff we want that costs money? But then we remind ourselves of how much abundance is ours, how well fed we are with family and friends, time outdoors, joy and good work to do. We do better when we hold the money part of our resources loosely – that way we can hold more closely what we truly love, what really feeds us and gives us life.

So I invite you to have that conversation as well. What really feeds you? What is most important? Where do you find your bread of life? And then consider how much you can give in a pledge to St. Michael’s. Pray about this and talk about this. Give generously to God’s work, so that the bread of life can be shared with all.

Enclosed in this packet you’ll find information to help you determine your pledge for next year, along with a pledge card. Please fill out the card with what you intend to give and bring it as a gift for the altar on November 4, the Sunday After All Saints. We will collect cards at all services. Thank you for what you give, in all the ways you give it!


The Rev Katharine Flexer