FAQs about Pledging and Giving

 I give. So why should I pledge?

Some of us don’t want to feel pinned down. Maybe our inner rebel or vagabond wants to stay free.

And some of us worry that we won’t be able to meet our pledge.


Here’s why we pledge anyway:

+ If you truly believe in something, you support it. Even if it takes a little sacrifice.

+ Pledging helps you examine the depth of your commitment.

+ It gives you spiritual ownership in the community.

+ Pledging instills discipline. It keeps you honest with yourself.

+ Monetary commitments can be scary, but also liberating. You’ve marked your course.

+ Pledging reveals an inner truth. Jesus never said the truth was easy, just essential.

+ Pledging helps the church plan its budget responsibly.

+ You can always increase or decrease your pledge during the year.


 How can I give?

You have a couple of options:

+ You can pledge via cash, check, debit/credit card, or stock using this form or by calling the church at 212-222-2700, x15.

+ Want to set up monthly giving right now? Set up a PayPal account here, which will be linked to your bank account or debit/credit card. If paying monthly, be sure to check the monthly donation box. You can also give monthly by calling the church to arrange installments.

Paypal payment screen

 How much should I give?

Here are some suggestions for determining your pledge amount:

+ It should probably involve some degree of challenge, based on your personal circumstances.

+ Make it sincere.

+ Consider proportional giving. This means giving a percentage of your income, whatever makes sense for you —from 1% up to 10%.

You probably balance many good causes. We know.

Whatever you decide, thank you.


What is pledging?

A pledge is a formal declaration of how much you will support the church during the year.

You can modify your pledge up or down during the year, as circumstances allow.

We encourage you to pledge because you believe in what we do at Saint Michael’s. We also suggest that you pledge in proportion to the abundance in your life, literally and figuratively.


 Why the rush?

Pledging early lets us know that we can count on your support.

Your pledge of record helps us plan a fiscally responsible budget based on what has been pledged.


 What is proportional giving?

Proportional giving means that you give a certain percentage of your income. It also means giving in proportion to the abundance in your life—figuratively and literally.

What percentage is right for you? It may be 2%, 3%, 6%, even 10% of your income. The point is to consider in advance what you feel you should give for God’s work. Then meet your target.

Meditate on the amount. You will be committing to a giving discipline. Remember, you can raise or lower the percentage during the year…based on circumstances, based on joy.

Should the percentage be before-tax or after-tax income? Your heart will tell you.


 Will I surprise myself?

Many pledgers increase their pledges over time. After a while, they may pledge more than they ever expected.

No one is going crazy. It’s just an awakening to the abundance in our lives—discovering we have more to give than we thought. Yes, recognizing our own abundance can be surprising…and joyfully freeing. It’s the Jesus effect.