Rejoice, St. Michael’s!

“Give and it will be given to you.”—Luke 6:38

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Dear fellow parishioner:

When we agreed to help lead stewardship for St. Michael’s, we assumed—without initially giving it too much thought, frankly—that part of our responsibility would be to create simple messages explaining to all parishioners why you should participate in giving to our beloved church.  But we now suspect that St. Michael’s means something unique to each and every one of us.

We contribute to St. Michael’s not because it’s a transaction or a quid pro quo; as Luke the Gospeller knows, it’s a gift we freely give which is returned in many ways:

+ St. Michael’s is the only community and the only place in our lives whose very purpose is to have us reflect on and ponder our lives themselves: Where it’s all going, what a “life well lived” means, the nature of love, what we are called to accomplish and what’s worthy for us to aspire to be remembered for.

+ St. Michael’s is where we grapple, eyes open and unafraid, with the realities of human life that business, popular culture, politics and ideology all flee from or trivialize: Marriage, union, and family; spiritual questing; wrongdoing and forgiveness; profound illness, grief, and death.

In short, St. Michael’s is there for us at times when no other community or organization is. That’s the most powerful reason of all to make yourself part of “Rejoice, St. Michael’s!” the pledge drive for 2016.

Reflect upon all the spiritual reasons you have—unique to you—to be a generous and cheerful giver. To enable you to explore what the concept of “proportional giving” would mean for you, we have created a weekly giving chart and a “step chart.” We invite you to consider stepping up from your current level.

Finally, this being St. Michael’s, no community activity would be complete without an all-hands celebration.  Ours will be after the November 1st 10:00 am service, featuring the “ingathering” of parishioners’ pledges:

+ Please bring your pledge card (enclosed) that Sunday morning and you’ll be invited to walk your pledge up the altar during the service with everyone else;

+ Immediately after, we’ll celebrate in the sanctuary with cupcakes and delicious beverages (how can you miss this?).

Stewardship is part of everyone’s membership in the St. Michael’s community.  We ask you to ponder, reflect, and pray on what it means to you.

See you November 1st where we can “Rejoice, St. Michael’s!” together.


Allison Downing                                                                Janet Stanton

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