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“Lift every voice and sing, till earth and Heaven ring”

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Dear People of St Michael’s,

What an amazing community of people we have here. Every day, I give thanks for all of you – coming to be part of something, seeking to live authentic lives of faith together.

We have much to celebrate here, in our worship and programs, our service and witness to the world. But most especially I celebrate you, the people of St Michael’s. I am profoundly grateful that I get to be learning and growing with all of you.

This time of year offers us a tangible way of showing that gratitude and participating in this community. Our pledge drive is beginning, inviting us to ‘lift every voice’ as we give of our resources to God’s work in and through this parish, offering God’s healing and love to a world that so badly needs it.

Each year Jim and I talk through our giving, working out a number with a calculator and trepidation. Each year we wonder if we can really give what we would like to give. We have kids and aging parents, we have retirements to plan for, we have college and housing to save for. And we eat a lot. Can we really afford this?

And yet we know in our prayers and hearts that giving first, not just giving the leftovers, is right. And every year we find that indeed, we give money away and yet we still have plenty for our needs.

So this year we intend to increase our giving again, to $960 a month. Here’s our calculation. In 2017 we will have made about $153,000. We give about $3000 to various non-profits, academic institutions, and other charities we support, so if we raise the total to St Michael’s to $11,520, we’re close to 9.5% – continuing to stretch ourselves in what we give.

I’m inviting you to join me by making your own pledge to St. Michael’s. Make the time and space to have this conversation with your loved ones, to look carefully at your resources and your expenses and your willingness to give.

Give generously to God’s work at St Michael’s and through the other organizations you care about. Lift your voice as part of the song we all sing together.

Let our rejoicing rise, high as the listening skies

When you are ready, fill out your pledge card with your intentions and bring it with you as a gift for the altar on November 5.

Thank you for what you give, in all the ways you give it!


The Rev Katharine Flexer

Pledge Form  Giving FAQs