The Task Force on Israel-Palestine at St. Michael’s Church

 A Ministry of St. Michael’s Social Justice Committee 

Mission of  The Task Force on Israel & Palestine at St. Michael’s Church

1. To demonstrate in accordance with the Christian theology of love and non-violent solidarity with the oppressed, that the people of St. Michael’s can make their voices heard and act bravely when we see injustice, oppression, and abuse of power in Israel and Palestine.

2. To share information with the St. Michael’s congregation and surrounding community regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict.

3.  To promote understanding of the US role in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

4.  To promote understanding of how the US role is perceived outside the United States, including in the Arab and Muslim world.

5. To fulfill the Episcopal mandate set forth in Resolution B019 of General Convention 2012* to “engage actively in the discipline of advocacy, education, and prayer for peace between Israelis and Palestinians and …seek, over the next triennium, to engage with local Jewish and Muslim congregations to study peace with justice in the Middle East.”

6.  To share information on Episcopal advocacy on this subject both on the national and diocesan level.

7. To develop a response from St. Michael’s Church to Kairos Palestine†  which calls on “all churches and Christians in the world to stand against injustice and apartheid and to work for a just peace in the region.”

8. To collaborate with the Tree of Life Educational Fund‡  which organizes conferences on Israel and Palestine and witness tours to the region annually.

9.  The Task Force aims to accomplish its work through study group, prayer, film, guest speakers, conferences, and advocacy.

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 *Resolution B019 of Episcopal General Convention 2012:
Kairos Palestine is a prayerful call from Palestinian Christians to Christians and Christian churches throughout the world to end the Israeli occupation, it was written by Christian Palestinian churchpersons and theologians and issued on December 11, 2009 in Bethlehem.  [In 1985 the South Africa Kairos document was launched and proved to be an effective tool in the struggle against oppression and occupation and was strongly supported by the Episcopal Church at that time.]   

‡The Tree of Life Educational Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established by the The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Connecticut.  The foundation seeks to amplify the voices of conscience- Jewish, Christian and Muslim, who are working toward a just and peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Task Force on Israel-Palestine at St. Michael’s is a group of parishioners who are interested in deepening their understanding of conditions in Israel-Palestine and the conflicts there. The people of St. Michael’s Church are a diverse and open community, with a wide range of views on many subjects. The activities of the Task Force and the opinions of those who participate in it should not be taken to represent the parish as a whole.  For more information contact