The Gallery Organ

Rudolf von Beckerath Orgelbau GmbH
Hamburg, Germany (1967)
Mechanical key action
Electric solenoid stop action
Solid-State combination action
3 manuals, 38 stops, 55 ranks

The Rudolf von Beckerath organ, completed in September 1967, is an eclectic instrument at home with music of all periods, but is a particularly fine exponent of both German Baroque and French Classic music. A modern organ case of hand-rubbed limba, a blond wood sometimes called African mahogany, rises 31 feet from the rear gallery floor, with the Rückpositiv in a separate case mounted on the gallery rail. Robert Huddleston, organist and choirmaster, dedicated the organ on Sunday, September 17, 1967, and on October 8, 1967, Leonard Raver played the first of a series of monthly organ recitals.

In the fall of 1995, the Beckerath firm completely cleaned and overhauled the organ, but no tonal changes were made.

For more detailed information about the organs at St. Michael’s, and to view images, please visit the NYC Organ project website.