2016 Vestry Elections

The Nominating Committee is presenting the following slate for the 2016 Vestry elections that will take place on January 24.

For Warden (2 years): Michael Smith
For three 3-year terms: John Avery, Bruce MacEwen, Kyle Okimoto, David Ratzan, Anne Stribling
For one 1-year term: Joyce Burcham, Mark Diller

Parishioners may also add to the slate by petition per our by-laws that were amended in 2015:

1) Ten parishioners eligible to vote in the election must sign the petition.
2) The individual nominated must be eligible to serve in the office for which he or she is nominated (Vestry member or Warden).
3) The individual nominated must provide a signed attestation of his or her willingness to stand for election, and to serve.
4) The petition and attestation must be received by January 17, 2016 at 6 PM.

Eligibility to vote requires that individuals be at least 18, have been regular attendants at its worship and contributors of record during the previous twelve months.” (“Contributor of record” means that the parish has some record of your contributions – anonymous cash in the plate is not sufficient)

In addition to being eligible to vote, a candidate for Vestry must have been baptized. Candidates for Warden must have previously served on the Vestry.


Petitions will be accepted as long as they meet the following criteria:

+ The wording of petitions should be as follows: “The undersigned, duly qualified voters of St Michael’s church, hereby nominate (Name) as a candidate for (Position- either Warden, Vestry member for a three-year term, or Vestry member for one-year term) in the parish election to be held in January of 2016, and affirm that to the best of our knowledge, (Name) is eligible to serve in that capacity.”

+ A minimum of ten signatures are required. The spaces for signatures should also include a space for the signers to print their names so that qualifications can be verified.

+ The candidate’s attestation should be worded as follows: “I, (Name), having been asked to stand for election as (Position) in St Michael’s Church, affirm my willingness and eligibility to be placed on the ballot and my intention to serve in that capacity if elected.”

+ Petitioners are urged to complete and submit their petitions, and the candidate’s attestation, as early as possible. In addition, a short (about 300 words) biography of the candidate, describing his or her connection with the parish, interests, and goals for the parish if elected, is encouraged, as being helpful to voters, as is also a photograph of the candidate.