Youth Choir Program

St. Michael’s Church offers a completely free Youth Choir Program for schoolchildren of every age. Fostering community, leadership, and Episcopal identity through choral singing, the Youth Choir Program at St. Michael’s provides choristers with a solid foundation in healthy vocal technique and comprehensive musicianship training as well as friendships to last a lifetime.

Members of the Angel Choir with Dusty Francis on Palm Sunday 2017

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Dear Choir Families,

The time is upon us for another year of singing at St. Michael’s! There is an awful lot of information in this email, so I appreciate your bearing with me.
Over the past year, there has been a tremendous amount of thought and conversation about how St. Michael’s can best serve our choir families, and I’m excited to share that we have some wonderful changes in store for the new year, starting with the announcement of our newest choir, The Cherub Choir!
  • The Cherub Choir is a training choir for our youngest and newest choristers, starting in Pre-K (a whole year younger than we’ve been equipped to serve in the past). The Cherub Choir will rehearse on Wednesday afternoons from 3:45–4:15pm.
  • Meanwhile, the Angel Choir will be getting something of a boost in terms of sophistication as it becomes St. Michael’s Treble Chorus, open to singers in a wider age range, and regularly performing music in two and three parts in Sunday services. The Angel Choir will rehearse on Wednesdays from 4:20–5:00pm
  • This means that our most advanced choir, performing music in three and four parts and including both treble and bass voices will be the St. Cecilia Choir, rehearsing on Wednesdays from 5:05–6:00pm and open to our most advanced singers (not just our High School singers!)
I hope you’ll allow me to draw your attention to two particular outcomes of these changes. You’ll notice, of course, that all three choirs will now be rehearsing on Wednesday afternoons, freeing up Sunday afternoons for Middle & High School Group, family time, college visits, and the myriad other activities competing for that Sunday afternoon time. You’ll also notice that participation in each choir is not defined by age but musical level and function. This will allow us to better serve each chorister by encouraging them to participate in whichever choir best fits their needs, and it will allow us to create more balanced choirs across the program so that, for instance, we needn’t maintain a High School Choir of two or three because we only have two or three choristers in grades 9–12. For these (and many, many other) reasons, I sincerely believe these changes will be wonderful for our choristers, our families, and for St. Michael’s.
A Few Practical Details:
Choir Registration
If you haven’t already registered for choir, please fill out this form, or complete a paper version before the choir season begins
Wednesday, September 12, 4:00–6:00pm – Choir Placements
Because choir placement is no longer determined simply by age/grade, we will hold quick and painless choir placements next Wednesday. A less charitable and imprecise name for these placements might be “auditions,” but that is not at all in the spirit of what will take place. Absolutely no preparation is required. To save you from having to wait around unnecessarily, we ask you to arrive in the following groups:
Pre-K and K – No Screenings Necessary; See you on the 19th!
1st Grade–5th Grade – Please arrive for a 4:00pm start
6th Grade–12th Grade – Please arrive for a 5:00pm start
There has been a bit of (understandable) confusion about when choir would be starting this year, so if you are unable to attend choir placements on the 12th because you thought we didn’t begin until the 19th, I only ask that you please email me so I can plan accordingly.
Wednesday, September 19, 3:45–6:00pm – First Day of Rehearsals
The first rehearsal of the season will be Wednesday, September 19. No later than Monday, September 17, I will email to inform you of your child’s choir placement for the start of the year.
Whew! Did you make it to the end? Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to write. In the meantime, I hope everyone is surviving back-to-school and the whole range of emotions that no-doubt accompany it.

For more information about the Youth Choir Program at St. Michael’s Church, please write or call Dusty Francis, Director of Children’s Choirs, at or (212) 222-2700 x 17