Word Made Young


The children set up their own altar before we begin our worship service.

Word Made Young is a worship service of story, song and prayer for kids ages 4-8.  We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am as the Parish participates in the Liturgy of the Word, the first part of the service of Holy Eucharist.  Kids create something that will be part of the story they will hear about God.  They then set up our altar.  Our worship service starts when an adult lights the altar candles.  All sing as we process around the room following two children carrying crosses.  Everyone sits in a circle, and an adult tells them a story from the Bible–one of the same stories their parents heard in the church downstairs.  The craft that the children made at the beginning helps tell the story.  Kids freely ask questions at the end of the story.  Everyone then sings a song.  We hold hands and pray–either aloud so that our friends and God hear us–or silently, so that God alone hears us.  We are thankful for so many things!  Kids return to their parents during the Passing of the Peace and celebrate Holy Eucharist with the whole parish.

We hope that your child will join us!  Newcomers are always welcome.  We meet in the Yellow Room, the Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom on the second floor of the Parish House (an Usher will help you find us).  Please contact Andrea Dedmon, Sunday school coordinator, for more information.

Story-time on the First Sunday of Advent, 2012 (the kid’s made their own Advent Wreath!)

Distributing Palms to the congregation on Palm Sunday 2012