Take the Bible Challenge!

Beginning this Lent, St. Michael’s is offering the opportunity to read the Bible in a year with other members of our community. The Challenge is for adults, parents and children, teens – anyone who wants to become more literate about our faith.  The year ahead promises to be a joyful exploration together of the stories on which we base our common life.

Many of you will be using the readings as assigned by the official Bible Challenge website, which includes a 2015 Lent schedule of readings beginning on Ash Wednesday, 2015. You can also see some tips and suggestions below.

If you would like to participate along with the St. Michael’s community, please let Father Sam or Mother Kate know. They will contact you periodically by email to see how you’re doing with it. And, in due time, we will gather together, starting towards the end of Lent, to talk together about triumphs and difficulties in making this part of your daily discipline.

If you have questions or comments before all that, feel free to be in touch!


The Bible Challenge: Tips and Tools

Don’t start at Genesis 1 and go from there!

+ Try 3 chapters of Old Testament, 1 psalm, 1 chapter of New Testament every day OR use the schedule of readings provided by The Center for Biblical Studies
+ No readings on Sunday: assumption is you come to church and hear the readings there in worship.

Lectio divina method of reading:

+  settle yourself in quiet
+ read the text
+  meditate on the text to see what it means
+  pray whatever arises for you out of the reading
+  listen in silence

Write in a journal

Life Journal: 1 page each day, so only 1-2 sentences response to each of the following:
+ Title your ‘lesson’
+ Write down one or two verses that jumped out at you
+  Write what you see in those verses
+  Write how you will be different today because of what you read
+  Write a prayer

Skim over the boring stuff so you don’t get bogged down

Stay connected with other Bible Challenge participants at St. Michael’s

+ We will schedule check-in opportunities at church over the year – time for questions, exchanging ideas, supporting one another

+ We will also email you individually periodically to check in
+Pray for everyone doing the challenge – names will be listed so all can pray for you
+ We’ll celebrate next spring for those who did it (or at least tried)!


 Parent & Child Bible Challenge

+Read a children’s story Bible, one story each night together

+ Talk about how it applies to your life

+ Or try reading the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, one chapter a night

+ Try it just for Lent rather than for a whole year