Prayer & Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices are the things we do intentionally that strengthen and enliven our relationship
with God, others, the world, and our selves. Framing your daily life with an intention  towards God is what helps make work, rest, fun, relationships – all that we do – prayerful and holy.

Solitude, silence and stillness are important spiritual disciplines that help us listen and engage with God more deeply. Whether you take a walk outside, find a quiet spot in Central Park or even pause for a few moments to relax in your favorite chair—all of these are ways we create sacred space — space in our souls and space in our daily lives for God to speak.

Wherever you find yourself in the busy seasons of life, come join us in the spiritual practice of doing less and simply being with God in prayer. Here at St. Michael’s we offer many ways to pray and listen for the still small voice of God.

Regular Opportunities at St. Michael’s

  • Sunday worship @ 7:45am, 10am & 6pm
  • Compline @ 8:30pm on Wednesdays (September – May)
  • Morning Prayer @ 7:45am on weekdays – begin your day in God’s Word
  • Weekdays 11am – 2pm – the Church is open for quiet meditation and reflection.
  • Regular seasonal quiet days and retreats – the daily grind for a day or a weekend to learn ways to pray and go deeper with God
  • Eternal Spring QiGong @ 7:30pm on Sundays – a healing exercise program that coordinates movement with deep breathing techniques (contact John Cantrell)

Education for Ministry

St. Luke window

EfM is a program of lay theological education involving prayer, study, and reflection in a small group. The program spans four years, teaching the Christian tradition and the process of theological reflection, equipping participants for more effective ministry in the world. If you are ready for a deeper dive into the roots of the Christian faith, this program might be for you!

View Education for Ministry schedule.

Lay Pastoral Care Program

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink

Community of Hope International (COHI) is a program rooted in Benedictine Spirituality and based upon the classic Clinical Pastoral Education model used in hospitals to train chaplains and clergy. This 14-week course explores a “rule of life, practices sacred silence, Christian meditation, compassionate listening, pastoral identity and Lectio Divina with the purpose of forming a praying community that encourages each other in love and offers a non-judgmental listening presence to those we encounter on a daily basis.

If you are seeking ways to listen for God’s call in your life and discover your gifts for ministry in the church and world, consider joining us on the journey! For more information [link]

Contact Mthr. Leigh for more information.

Resources for Prayer & Meditation

Book of Common Prayer

Daily Meditations

The Daily Office (monastic-style prayer in the Episcopal tradition)

Contemplative Prayer Resources

Daily Prayers with Scripture in Ignatian Tradition

More resources coming soon.