Basics of Faith

Faith & Doubt: Christian Basics Class

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Our lives are lived as questions in search of deeper meaning. Questions of who we are? Who is God? Why do evil and suffering exist? Why did Jesus die? Does God answer prayer? What does being a Christian really mean?

As Christians, we believe it is in listening to one another, wrestling with our doubts, and embracing our questions that we will find God together. This fall, join us for dinner and discussion as we explore the basic questions of the Christian faith and what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the world.

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About the Episcopal/Anglican Tradition

St. Michael’s is a part of a Christian denomination known as The Episcopal Church. We incorporate aspects of both the Catholic and Protestant traditions. Along with other members of the global network of churches known as the Anglican Communion, we trace our historical roots to the Church of England, which was founded in the mid-sixteenth century as part of the larger movement to reform European Christianity.

A metaphor for our view of faith is sometimes called the three-legged stool. We use (1) scripture, (2) tradition, and (3) reason to interpret what we believe about God and the movement Jesus started to spread God’s message of love and reconciliation. For a good summary of what Episcopalians believe, check out this link to the educational section of our Book of Common Prayer.


There are many wonderful books describing the basic tenets of the Christian faith, and others describing how we live this faith as the Episcopal Church. Here are a few to consider:

Inquirers may also enjoy, an aging but still valuable online resource.

More resources coming soon.