Roger G. Kennedy, Director Emeritus of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution wrote in his book American Churches, “… the miracle of St. Michael’s is Tiffany’s interior….When the sun is setting and the light presses into the room from across the Hudson, St. Michael’s blazes into one of America’s great church interiors.”

St. Michael’s Church is an inspiring work of art and faith. Starting with the rough-hewn Indiana limestone blocks of its Robert W. Gibson designed building to some of the finest stained glass produced by the firm of Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, St. Michael’s is one of New York City’s ecclesiastical treasures.

The interior decorations by Tiffany and others were added in stages after the completion of the current church building in 1891. In addition to its works by Tiffany, St. Michael’s contains many other fine works by other leading artists. These include windows by American stained glass designers Maitland Armstrong, Walter Janes, Frederick Wilson, F.L. Stoddard as well as windows and altar by the firm of J&R Lamb Studios. The addition of stained glass windows culminated in 1926-7 with nine medieval-style windows by Charles J. Connick Studios of Boston.