The Great Vigil of Easter-The Rev. Leigh Mackintosh

April 20, 2019

Genesis 22:1-18
Romans 6:3-11
Psalm 114
Luke 24:1-12

Radio telescopes around the world allowed us to see a black hole for the first time. To look upon darkness 6.5 billion times larger than our sun immersed in spirals of light. To look upon the center of our galaxy (of every galaxy) and know that this dark mystery holds a universe of life in balance. Alleluia a world learned and grew and stood in awe together.

Out of the flames and ashes of Notre Dame Cathedral rose an altar, cross and candles unscathed. Alleluia, a world weeps together and waits in hope.

Last year, a heroic cave rescue gathered people around the globe to save a youth soccer team from a watery grave. Alleluia, a world prays and serves and rejoices together.

Out of black holes, dark caves, and fiery inferno, rises hope, rises love, rises community, rises new life. All of these are living examples of resurrection.

Alleluia for the dawning of resurrection in our day. Alleluia for the dawning of resurrection in your life.

This is the night we remember God’s power is greater than the powers of death and darkness and destruction.

This is the night we celebrate that God’s love is stronger in our hearts than hatred or fear.

This is the night we trust that God’s goodness is greater than the evils of this world.

This is the night we reclaim our true humanity. This is the night we strengthen the bonds of community as we welcome the newly baptized. This is the night that births the dawn of new hope, new creation.

This is the night of Jesus Christ, the risen one who lightens our every darkness, who saves us from every trial, who binds us together as one for the good of all.

Wherever you find yourself in this moment, whatever suffering or grief or struggles you are going through, whatever cross you are carrying, know that you are not alone. Christ Jesus the risen one walks with you. And he will guide you out of the depths into the dawn.

All our problems

We send to the cross of Christ.

All our difficulties

We send to the cross of Christ.

All walls of hostility and works of evil

We send to the cross of Christ.

All our hopes

We set on the risen Christ. (Kenyan Rite)

Alleluia Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia.