Who would miss us? The New Era question

The Peace - New Era

Perhaps you’ve had a sense of Christ’s presence at St. Michael’s when you see the whispered exchanges at the healing rail, or arms upraised during the singing of “I Am the Bread of Life,” or the long line of Saturday kitchen guests.

Comes the question: What would you and the community miss if St. Michael’s weren’t here?

The answers would go to the essence of what St. Michael’s is and does as our church embarks on a new era. Three years ago this month, Mother Kate was installed. A building is rising on the corner (at last). Groups such as Education for Ministry and Community of Hope International have dived deep into questions of the spirit. And we’ve completed the RenewalWorks ministry.

This year the clergy and the vestry have been asking what our next steps should be. The surest sense of direction may come from what Christ is summoning in all of us who worship and serve in this community.

“What is God calling us to do?” Mother Kate asks. “Renewal Works gave us a congregation-wide sense of ourselves. The stage is set for personal answers.”

To that end, a proposal has come forward to gather in small groups next autumn. Call it the New Era Project — not a survey but a focused, intensive formation exercise, a spiritual census —  where together we answer a series of questions whose answers may help us know where Christ is leading us.

“Where is the spirit bubbling up around here, and in your own life?” Mother Kate asks. “From now through the summer, take note of what you see. Then let’s talk about it together next fall.”   

If you’d like to help with the New Era Project, speak to Gayle Robinson or John Stickney.

PHOTO: The Peace of the Lord – Where does the Spirit move among us?