RenewalWorks goals, part 4: Empower leaders

Garden blessing photo - young leaders

The RenewalWorks team came up with four goals for our parish. Here’s the third in our series revisiting them (see also part 1part 2, part 3):

Develop and empower lay and ordained leadership to facilitate spiritual growth in the community.

St. Michael’s thrives on its leaders, both ordained and lay. The danger for us all is to get distracted by mundane challenges and forget larger spiritual goals. Our church has become diligent about putting spiritual training first.

A dynamic Education for Ministry group has been established. Healing prayer volunteers, acolytes, lectors, and Sunday school teachers get training. A new group of lay members is being empowered in the principles of pastoral care in the Community of Hope International program.

Anybody who walks through our doors and says “I want to get involved” is sure to find multiple possibilities, all of them rich in spiritual growth.

Photo: Each one teach one – Fledgling gardeners learn from one another.