RenewalWorks goals, part 3: Meet and invite others

Children's Choir photo for "invite others" story

The RenewalWorks team came up with four goals for our parish. Here’s the third in our series revisiting them (see also part 1, part 2):

Meet people where they are as we invite them to explore the Christian way of life and deepen their spirituality.

We become more ourselves — our true selves — as a result of spiritual growth. Our church community encourages that transformation through Bible studies, the Bible Challenge, quiet days, Christian basics classes, Godly Play, the Wednesday night Common Table Theology gatherings, the social justice and racial justice groups, baptism and confirmation prep, our children’s choirs — to name just a few of the many ways we reach out.

We respect people where they are, as we work together to help us all discover who we may become in Christ. And may we continue to extend that radical welcome to all who walk through our big blue doors.

Joy in worship: Our St. Cecilia choristers cavort before the Diocesan Chorister Festival at St. John the Divine Cathedral.