RenewalWorks goals, part 2: Communicate better

Blessing of the Animals - communicate

The RenewalWorks team came up with four goals for our parish. Here’s the second in our series revisiting them:

Better Communicate Who We Are

How do we spread the Good News at St. Michael’s? How do we communicate who we are, what we’re up to, and what we believe?

A short list would include

  • our newsletters, The Messenger and Looking Ahead, in print and via email;
  • the website, with its events calendar and other new features;
  • our Facebook page and other social media accounts;
  • the new iVolunteer online sign-up system;
  • meditation booklet for self-guided tours of our worship space;
  • outward-facing promotion of popular opportunities such as our Advent/Christmas and Holy Week/Easter services;
  • community events like the Blessing of the Animals;
  • the Saturday Kitchen, which so movingly represents our commitment to service and fellowship in the name of Christ; and
  • the faithful witness of all our parishioners, in person and online, to the message of God’s love and redemption.

In the RenewalWorks process we learned that there is a yearning for spiritual growth in the congregation. When Jesus told Peter to “feed my sheep,” he was setting in motion a process that we continue today, growing inwardly by reaching out.  

What are we forgetting for the list? What aren’t we doing yet but should be? Drop us a line to share your thoughts.

The Blessing of the Animals: The Rev. Kyle Oliver with Mary Nash and Snowball, her Westie.