Putting RenewalWorks in action (part 1)

Young adults making hot cross buns

Last year our church embarked on an exciting self-study through RenewalWorks, looking at our spiritual practices and how we could continue to grow as a congregation.

A heartening number of you responded to the survey. After much cogitation and numerous meetings, the RenewalWorks committee came up with four goals for our parish.

Here is the first in a series aimed at reminding us of those goals and ways we live them out.

Goal #1: Embrace Every Opportunity to Build Relationships

Name tags at worship, retreats, pasta dinners, BBQs, small groups, Bible study, the Knit Wits, Saturday Kitchen, Sunday school, Sunday forums, moms’ dinners, the men’s group, coffee hour, singing in choir, and just chatting with someone you met in the next pew.

This is just some of what we do.

And guess what? It’s all crucial to our spiritual growth. 

Relationships abuilding: The Young Adults prepared hot cross buns last Maundy Thursday. From left: Taylor Johnson, Anne Pearce, Joshua Witchger, Michael Taylor, and Anne Marie Witchger.