From the Rector: Lent – Are we there yet?

Kate Flexer headshot

The word “Lent” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for springtime, related to the word “lengthen,” as the days begin to lengthen. Perhaps it feels like the season of Lent is lengthening as well. Will we ever get to the end?

Good news: The fourth Sunday of Lent, just past, is sometimes known as Refreshment Sunday, a lightening of the fast and a sign that the season is nearly done. And indeed, in just one week we will celebrate Holy Week together, walking with Jesus to the cross and on into the resurrection of Easter Sunday.

Like an aid station along the path of a marathon, Refreshment Sunday is a chance to refuel and reenergize for the race. Is your sense of renewal flagging? Has your discipline slipped? Are you tempted to forget why we’re on this path?

Here is a reminder to take nourishment and begin again, in spiritual practice (on the move or in the quiet of your home), community (in our families and church family alike) and St. Michael’s legacy of justice and inclusion. As we move into the home stretch of this journey, may we remember how deeply and profoundly we, and all, are loved.

— March 28, 2017