Middle School Group reaches out to Saturday kitchen guests

Sock drive photo

During Saturday Kitchen on Jan. 28, Rick Hamlin rang the bell in the reception hall and announced that this was “Sock It To Me Saturday” — with new pairs of socks available for the guests.

In September the Middle Schoolers made a list of world problems, including homelessness. How to serve the needy? “The socks idea was simple — all sizes, for men, women and children,” a Middle Schooler said.

Supply and demand came together when they realized that the Saturday Kitchen guests were potential recipients. Parishioners contributed more than 240 new pairs of socks.

On distribution day, two Middle School Group members joined teachers Kris Ishibashi and Helen Graves in the Pilgrim Resource Center in the Gray Lounge. (Fellow teacher John Avery was serving on the kitchen line.)

“We always talk about reaching out to others,” one of the students said, “and here was our chance to actually do that. The guests were very friendly and they kept saying, ‘Thank you.’”

“It felt good to give out the socks,” the other said. “The day was really cold, and we felt like we made a difference.”