On Christmas Eve, a healing prayer was heard

St. Michael's Healing Prayer Team photo

You’ve seen our Healing Prayer Team members at the rail in the Chapel or by the St. Jude’s Altar during the communion, receiving supplicants one-by-one, hearing their concerns, praying together and offering the Laying on of Hands.

The prayer team, founded in 2008 by the Rev. Deacon Frank “Pete” Peterson and the Rev. Deacon Lawrence Schacht, now numbers 28 lay ministers under the direction of the Rev. Leigh Mackintosh.

“As Christ’s disciples today we are charged to continue to tell and to do the mighty works God had done in Jesus,” Leigh says. “The blind don’t recover their sight but people feel a deep healing and strength” in moments of prayer.

Testimony to that power came from a supplicant, who reached out to St. Michael’s after a visit to the Christmas Eve service:

“My children and I drove into NYC tonight … and found St. Michael’s.”

“One of my adult daughters has made some difficult, tragic decisions and choices and she has broken our hearts. I made a decision to go into the Chapel during communion and ask for a prayer for her. A dear Sister in Christ held me, prayed and interceded on my behalf. I just wanted to say thank you.”

The “Sister in Christ” prefers to remain anonymous, in keeping with the confidentiality of the healing-prayer exchanges.

Another minister says, “Healing prayer was so helpful to me when my mother died. I’m grateful to be able to help others in the same way.”

“This ministry blesses those who serve and is a blessing to those who come,” Leigh says.

Photo: (front) the Rev. Leigh Mackintosh, Kris Ishibashi, Andrea Dedmon; (middle) Anne Stribling, Denisha Williams, Juanita Pratt, Deborah Houston, Marianne Jensen, Michael Taylor; (back) Pauline Brookfield, Rick Hamlin, Nicole Thomas, Arlene Bullard and Linda Van Ness.