Youth Sunday: John Sturchio

Youth Sunday: June 12, 2016

Preacher: John Sturchio, Graduating High School Senior

St. Michael’s has always been an aspect of my life for as long as I can remember.  I have nostalgic feelings and good memories, but not every memory is good.  I got bored as a kid and was pretty restless considering the fact that I have anxiety.  Because of my anxiety, I would look for reassurance in religion a lot, however, that would reinforce the negative ideas as anxiety disorders work that way.

When I was twelve, my cousin’s now late grandmother said some pretty wacky things—it was really religious and conservative—about evolution and stuff.  This coupled with the fact that I now associated religion with anxiety drove me away from believing in God.

I’m not really sure whether God exists because there is no proof in either direction.  And I feel like we as a species are not smart enough to comprehend why we are here.  And I’m content with that.

One thing I’m not content with however is the idea of infinity or eternity.  Even if heaven at the best case scenario is sheer bliss, I think I’d go insane if I was conscious for all eternity.  Just think about numbers.  I’m interested in stem fields in college so I like to research extremely large mathematical numbers used in mathematical proofs.  And what perturbs me is that no matter how large you can get, you’re still no closer to an eternity or infinity than zero.  That’s why I think the idea of consciousness ending at some point is a good thing.

I chose to get confirmed because I am 100% happy that I did come to St. Michael’s and with everyone I met here.  And certain friendships I’ve made that will probably last my lifetime.  I’m going to college this summer, but I’ll live close enough to continue my work here at the church including teaching Sunday School and working with special needs kids.

I’m excited to help develop Sunday School and church activities that are geared towards kids who have attention and learning differences like me so that they can learn to associate God with fun memories and not anxious ones like I’ve had to deal with.